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As an interventional pain management specialist with years of experience in cell therapy in Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego, Dr. Shounuck Patel, DO and his team offer cell therapy treatments and regenerative therapy for many conditions including Arthritis of the knee and ankle, Tendonitis, neck pain and back pain.

PRP platelet rich plasma treatments rely on your own healthy blood cells to stir recovery of diseased and damaged areas of your body. Learn more about Dr. Patel’s consultation types to determine what diagnostic option is best for you.

Dr. Patel’s philosophy and treatment of sports injuries and chronic conditions:

Discovery Session

Find out if you are a candidate for non-surgical regenerative medicine treatments. 20 minute telemedicine appointment to explore the source of your pain and create a treatment strategy.

Orthobiologic Consultation

In this thorough consultation Dr. Patel performs a 60 to 90 minute in-person examination for 1-2 body regions. This includes a review of your medical history and records, a thorough explanation of your imaging, a diagnostic ultrasound if warranted, and a comprehensive treatment plan including candidacy for cell and other orthobiologic treatments. This consultation is also available as a 45 minute telemedicine consult that includes a guided self-exam.


Functional Orthopedic Evaluation

In this thorough 90 to 120 minute in-person appointment Dr. Patel will evaluate any number of body regions, with an in-depth look into all aspects of your condition including biomechanics, exercise, nutrition, supplements, and more. This evaluation also includes a thorough review of your medical history and records, explanation of your imaging, a diagnostic ultrasound if warranted and a comprehensive treatment plan including candidacy for cell and other treatments


We are out-of-network with insurance providers because insurance companies have not caught up with our advanced orthobiologic procedures. Don’t let another clinic fool you – PRP and cell procedures have no insurance coverage at this time. If you are employed by, associated with, or own a self-insured company, we may be able to help get your procedure covered. Please contact our education center to learn details.

Our consultations are not free however we will be happy to review your health history and imaging studies briefly, free of charge, to determine if you are a potential candidate for any type of regenerative treatment with a complimentary discovery call. If you are a candidate, we can schedule a consultation for you to meet with Dr. Patel for a more in depth evaluation.

Yes! Dr. Shounuck Patel offers telemedicine virtual consultations and appointments that can be completed via video chat and over the phone. If you are interested in a regenerative medicine procedure, we also offer free reviews of your imaging to let you know if you’re a candidate before coming in for a consultation.

No. Almost all of our patients leave saying their consultation with Dr. Shounuck Patel was the most thorough and detailed doctor’s visit they have had. Dr. Patel offers comprehensive consultations for the evaluation of 1 to 2 body regions. This is a thorough consultation that includes an in-depth physical examination, diagnostic ultrasound if appropriate, and review of your imaging with you so you understand what is going on in your body. By the end of this consultation, you will have an honest assessment and a detailed treatment plan with realistic expectations.

If you have concerns about more than 2 body regions, or if you want to dig deep into the root causes of your musculoskeletal injury or pain condition, Dr. Patel offers a 90-120 minute Functional Orthopedic evaluation. This consultation includes a physical examination, diagnostic ultrasound and review of imaging as above, as well as a thorough look at all aspects of your condition, including but not limited to the mechanism of your injury, the biomechanics of how you move, your function, exercise, nutrition, supplements, mood, and more. 

Recommended treatments will vary from person to person and each person will have a unique condition to be treated. For this reason, the pricing of procedures can vary considerably from patient to patient. After your evaluation, you will have a better understanding of your condition, recommended procedure(s), and costs specific to treatment plan.

Condition-Cost Matrix.jpg

Each treatment is custom designed for individuals based upon a number of factors. The treatment plan is determined after your doctor carefully investigates your health history, family and social history, current symptoms and past treatments. The Patel Center for Functional Regeneration specializes in unique “cutting edge” technologies for specific neuro-musculo-skeletal conditions. Plans can range between several specific treatments to an all inclusive treatment plan that incorporates all of our technologies and treatments.


Dr. Shounuck Patel, DO is a leader in the field of orthopedic regenerative medicine.


Dr. Patel and all of his staff will definitely ease your pain and worries. Having Spinal Stenosis, knee problems as well as ankle problems they have made my life so much better. My last treatment was 2 years and 3 months ago. I just did a second treatment this week. Before that I was getting spinal epidurals every 3 months and living on ibuprofen and pain prescriptions. I haven't had that anymore. It's been 2 years and 3 months. He offers so much care and spends all the time in the world with you.
Deby Pierce
My meniscus was disintegrating. After my stem cell/ platelet treatment, is now whole. It is a constant source of wonder to me that sidewalk curbs which used to seem like climbing Mount Everest are no longer a challenge. Seven months out, I’m still experiencing small improvements in mobility that I didn’t even realize I had lost. An altogether life-affirming experience.
Mary Allwright
I am extremely thankful for everything Dr. Patel and his staff have done for my husband. Dr. Patel was very thorough during the evaluation and answered all of our questions very carefully. During my husband’s Spine PRP procedure, everyone made him feel very comfortable and everything went very smooth. My husband is now doing great. Thank you so much for everything!
Eva Cardenas
I owe Dr. Patel my life. When I came to him I was in level 10 pain constantly, and had been bed ridden for several months. After 3 PRP treatments I am now a fully functioning human with zero pain throughout most of each day! I can even go back to activities like working out, dancing, and aerial arts! The diet and supplements he put me on even got rid of my migraines - something I've seen specialists for since I was 12!!! This man is brilliant, kind, funny, and extremely patient. He will sit with you and answer every little question you have and geek out with you on the science behind it. I literally trust him with my life.
Courtney Carini

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Do you have questions about your sport injury or pain condition? Schedule a Functional Orthopedic Evaluation for interventional orthopedic treatments for your sports injury in Los Angeles County, Orange County, San Diego, and beyond contact our patient concierge at or call us at (310) 929-9790.

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