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Real Patients and Their Stories

Before and after stories of what pain a patient came in with and how they are living now after the treatments that Dr. Patel administered.

Back Conditions

Back pain is one of the most common reasons that people go see their doctors or miss days at work. There are a LOT of different things that can cause back pain, some more serious than others. While traditional medicine deals with back pain with anti-inflammatory drugs that actually decrease healing, addictive opioid pain medications that can actually make you more sensitive to pain, dangerous cortisone injections which have a lot of side effects, or risky irreversible surgery, the truth is that there is a lot that can be done to help back conditions NATURALLY.

Lower Back Slipped Disc

Professional dancer and actress, Rachael Markarian talks about returning to life after her disc herniation treatment

Knee and Hip Conditions

Knee and hip problems are amongst the most common orthopedic complaints in the world. Pain can come from arthritis, meniscus tears, labral tears, tendon pain like “jumper’s knee,” or biomechanical issues like “runner’s knee.” Injuries like ACL tears can happen in everyone ranging from athletes to weekend warriors to the active elderly. There continues to be an explosion of invasive surgeries like total knee and hip replacements which are often unnecessary, and arthroscopic clean-outs which actually worsen arthritis! Good news is we can often prevent the need for surgery with our holistic treatments using your own body’s healing orthobiologic solutions.

Severe Knee Arthritis

Can severe knee arthritis pain improve without surgery? Check out Tommy’s story about how he was able to avoid surgery with an advanced treatment using his own body’s healing cells! 

Knee Prolotherapy

Renown fitness Influencer, Heba Ali, talks about her knee treatment. She went on to win 1st place in the Under Armour HOVR challenge, a heart-pounding race through New York City… at night!

Neck & Nerve Conditions

After a horrible car accident, this patient underwent surgery for severely damaged nerves in his neck. He had some improvement of the pain but developed paralysis so bad that he lost function of his arm with complete atrophy of many of his muscles. Last year, this patient came to see Dr. Shounuck Patel and was unable to lift his arm. After custom platelet lysate treatments to his neck nerves and arm muscles, this patient is able to use his arm and even throw a punch!

Foot and Ankle Conditions

Foot and Ankle pain can be debilitating because we need these joints to walk! Traditional treatments can have a long recovery and often there continues to be pain! While cortisone injections actually can cause more harm than good, our orthobiologic procedures can actually heal tissues!

Plantar Fascia Foot Pain

Plantar fasciitis is a common condition that causes pain on the bottom of the feet. In this interview, physical therapist, Dr. Heidi Gastler, spoke with Dr. Patel about how they joined forces to treat Tammy’s plantar fascia tear! Check out Tammy’s before and after MRI showing healing of her plantar fascia tears! Read this to learn more about plantar fascia pain. Watch Tammy’s testimonial above about her improvement in just 2 months!

Ankle Pain Starts A Journey

Ankle bone spur… with the root cause in the butt! Entrepreneur, pro skateboarder, and star of MTV’s Ridiculousness, Rob Dyrdek, talks about his treatment with Dr. Shounuck Patel.

Shoulder and Upper Limb Conditions

There are a variety of shoulder and arm issues that can cause pain and dysfunction. Unfortunately, traditional treatments only provide short-term solutions and carry significant risks. Cortisone injections, for example, can actually make rotator cuff tears worse, and rotator cuff repair surgeries have a long recovery and high rate of retear! Although surgery is sometimes absolutely necessary, we can often prevent the need for these invasive treatments with our advanced, natural, and minimally invasive procedures.


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