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Dr. Patel offers Cell Therapy Procedures for Shoulder Arthritis, Rotator Cuff Tears & Other Shoulder Conditions.

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We offer non-surgical cell therapy & blood platelet procedures are breakthrough, non-surgical cell treatments for people suffering from shoulder pain due to common injuries to the shoulder and rotator cuff, as well as degenerative conditions, such as osteoarthritis.

Traditional options for patients suffering from these conditions include arthroscopic shoulder surgery to repair tears, or shoulder joint replacement. With both surgeries, months of rehab are required, and the patient must be aware of and prepared to take on the risks. As an alternative, our same‑day cell procedures may help alleviate shoulder pain and the conditions that cause it with a simple office injection procedure.


Cell Therapy Procedures for Rotator Cuff Tears

PRP procedures for Rotator Cuff Tears is a same-day cell procedure.  Through years of research and perfecting the use of cell therapy and platelets to repair rotator cuff tears, improve the rotator cuff’s regenerative potential, rather than further damaging an area that has given way because of tissue weakness.

Using a precise, image-guided injection of your own cells and growth factors, we are able to get more of the body’s natural “repairmen” directly into the tear.  By mobilizing your body’s own healing mechanisms and eliminating the trauma of surgery and atrophy caused by immobilization, has produced good results in the treatment of partial rotator cuff tears and has even shown encouraging success with completely retracted tears.

Dr. Shounuck Patel


By combining his extensive experience, Dr. Patel has created a multi-faceted approach to address all components of the shoulder. A traditional approach often involves injecting cortisone at the pain generator, but therefore only treats the effect and not the cause. We use a combination of prescribed exercise, manual therapy, and a patient’s own orthobiologic solutions such as cells & PRP in precise image-guided injections.


Dr. Shounuck Patel, DO is a leader in the field of orthopedic regenerative medicine.

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Get on a path to comprehensive healing and long-term pain relief today! Learn about how Dr. Shounuck Patel can help heal your shoulder pain, rotator cuff injuries and other related conditions. We service Los Angeles County, Orange County and San Diego County. For more information contact our patient concierge at or call us at (310) 929-9790.

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