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Regenerative injection treatments in the Los Angeles County, Orange County and San Diego, CA.

At The Patel Center for Functional Regeneration, Dr. Shounuck Patel utilizes a solution of concentrated dextrose and local anesthetic, which stimulates the tissue repair and encourages new connective tissue growth in the ligaments and tendons.

How Prolotherapy Treatment Works

Regenerative medicine is changing the way orthopedic injuries and chronic pain are treated. Prolotherapy is a category of treatments where damaged and deteriorated connective tissue is injected with a solution of dextrose in order to promote the body’s healing response. Prolotherapy results are derived from both mechanical and physiological mechanisms. Mechanically, ultrasound-guided needle injections cause additional micro-trauma to the area, which the body attempts to heal by releasing inflammatory cells at the injection site mimicking an injury response. Physiologically, the solution releases growth factors associated with wound healing.

Non-surgical Injections

Benefits of Prolotherapy:

Increase strength of connective tissue and joints

Improved mobility or return to normal function

Rehabilitation of damaged tendons and

Repair damaged joints

Reduction joint pain

Reduce injury recurrence

Stimulation of the bodies natural healing process

Prolotherapy Treatment Los Angeles CA

Conditions Treated with Prolotherapy


Chronic conditions

Back Pain

Knee Pain

Neck Pain

Shoulder Pain

Wrist pain

Temporal mandibular joint syndrome (TMJ)

Sports injuries

Dr. Shounuck Patel


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