Have you been told your foot pain is coming from plantar fasciitis? Today I’ll explain what this is and how can we improve your pain without risky cortisone injections or surgery.

The plantar fascia is a sheet of soft tissue that makes up the bottom of our feet. This sheet starts at the heel and goes to the ball of our feet. If you have persistent pain in this area, you may have been told you have plantar fasciitis – but what does that mean? Fasciitis means there is inflammation, but in actuality that is rarely the case. Usually the fibers of the plantar fascia have become injured or irritated which is called fasciosis. Sometimes, the plantar fascia can even get torn!

Good news is this can often improve with simple treatments including exercise and ice. If this is not enough, traditional treatment can include a cortisone shot… but that can actually cause damage to the area!

Great news is that new research was published showing that natural injections of a patient’s own PRP (platelet rich plasma) is better than cortisone injections for plantar fasciosis

The proof is in the pudding. Check out this video of my patient’s MRI showing her plantar fascia tear HEALING after I treated her with PRP!