We use our shoulders regularly throughout the day, whether it’s when playing sports or just completing basic daily activities. So, it should come as no surprise that many people experience harsh shoulder pain regularly. This is usually because your shoulder contains several complex joints, muscles, and ligaments that all work together to mobilize your arm. Luckily, there are stem cell therapy treatments available for your shoulder in Los Angeles. Stem cell therapy provides many safe, efficient, and low-risk benefits to patients. 

How Stem Cell Therapy Works 

Your stem cells are known as a natural healing agent within your body. They’re able to easily transform into different cell types to help heal the various injuries, aches, or pain points throughout your body. During the stem cell therapy process, these cells are taken from other areas of your body and are redistributed into your shoulder to help it regenerate and return to a healthy state. 

PRP stem cell therapy treatments are a minimally invasive procedure that treats the ongoing wear and tear that you’re experiencing in your joint cartilage. Most adult stem cells are located in your bone marrow and fatty tissue, so they are separated and ready to be extracted. During a stem cell procedure, Dr. Shounuck Patel will take these stem cells and will insert them into the damaged areas in your shoulder using x-ray guidance and ultrasound equipment to help them accurately insert the stem cells into the correct spots within your shoulder. Stem cell therapy is known to powerfully repair muscle and tendon tears and any cartilage damage.

Safe & Effective

Stem cells are known as a safe treatment to undergo, as they don’t cause any harmful reactions to the injection area. These stem cell treatments may be different than the ones you’re used to since they involve injecting stem cells taken from your own body, rather than from a donor. Patients have little to no risk of experiencing any harmful inflammatory or allergic reactions after receiving the treatment. 

Quicker Recovery Process than Surgery

It’s safe to say that stem cell therapy is far less invasive than surgery. Many surgical treatments involve some level of pain and involve a longer recovery. Some patients may also experience complications after having invasive surgery. Surgery may also result in joint stiffness and nerve injuries. Stem cell therapy eliminates these risks. Stem cell treatments are non-invasive procedures that only cause mild soreness. Patients do not feel pain during these procedures. After resting your shoulder for a few days, patients will start to experience their shoulder pain going away, allowing you to return to your everyday activities.

More Effective When Compared to Steroids 

You may have experienced shoulder aches in the past and been prescribed medication or steroids to help you temporarily get over the pain. Consistently taking medications for your shoulder pain can result in harmful side effects that can come from regularly taking most painkillers.

Ongoing shoulder pain may need more than a short-term solution to help you no longer feel any discomfort in that area. This is why stem cell therapy is a more effective and long-lasting solution to decrease or eliminate your shoulder pain altogether. 

Address Root Cause of Pain & Regenerate Your Tissue

Surgery is often recommended for patients experiencing severe shoulder pain. While this may make you feel better after you’ve recovered from the procedure, many physicians have found that this doesn’t necessarily fix the problem and doesn’t entirely relieve the cause of your shoulder pain. Surgery typically helps repair most of the tears in your tendon, but it cannot reduce the scar tissue on your tendon-bone junction. 

After receiving stem cell treatments in your shoulder, the tissues will start to regenerate, rather than simply repair from undergoing surgery. As it regenerates and replicates your tendon-bone junction, the scarring will start to go away. This allows you to regain full control and movement in your shoulder after stem cell therapy. 

Time Saving When Compared to Surgery

Undergoing surgery usually takes up a significant amount of planning and recovery time. You will have to worry about requesting time off from work to attend your procedure and plan an overnight stay and care after surgery.  With stem cell therapy, patients usually only need to attend their consultation and imaging appointment for the Dr. Patel to examine your shoulder and determine the best treatment plan for you. Once you undergo the procedure, which typically only takes around three to four hours over the course of 1 to 3 days. Once it’s finished, you’re free to head home with minimal soreness in the injected area.  A follow-up appointment will be scheduled after your PRP stem cell therapy treatment as a part of your treatment and recovery plan.

Stem Cell Therapy Treatment For Your Shoulder 

Using regenerative PRP stem cells is a great way to address your shoulder pain and keep you feeling pain-free and healthy. Before making the final decision on whether stem cell therapy is the best option for you contact our patient concierge for a complimentary call to learn more about our shoulder pain treatment options. Contact us today to schedule a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Shounuck Patel. We will create a custom-tailored treatment plan to help you heal your shoulder and feel good as new again.