Regenerative medicine offers an alternative to spinal surgery that can get you living pain free again. 

An injured neck can put the brakes on your lifestyle and cause you chronic pain. Your neck is flexible and supports the weight of your head, so it can be susceptible to injuries that cause discomfort and limit your mobility. 

Neck pain can be caused by many things including muscle strains, poor posture, nerve compression and serious accidents. It can also cause pain in other parts of your body.

Generally, many doctors would treat this pain with invasive spinal surgery.

Surgery is not always the answer

In the United States, 500,000 spinal fusion surgeries and are performed every year for people who are dealing with chronic neck and spine conditions. These surgeries can require you to undergo months of rehab and come with their own serious risks. 

It’s worth your time and health to investigate a non-surgical alternative to these invasive treatments. 

Alternatives to spine surgery in Los Angeles

At The Patel Center for Functional Regeneration, Dr. Shounuck Patel is trailblazing the practice of Functional Orthopedic Medicine in order to restore the body without invasive surgeries.

He offers cell therapy and Platelet Rich Plasma procedures in both Los Angeles and Orange County, California. These non-surgical stem-cell treatments help people suffering from neck pain. 

Your alternative to spinal surgery

Dr. Patel uses stem cell injections to help ease patients’ neck and back pain. Since the cells are taken from the bodies of the patients, there is no potential for allergic reactions.

He also incorporates hands-on therapy with Osteopathic Manipulation or referral to a trusted DO, Chiropractor or other manual therapist. Another complementary therapy that has supportive research is acupuncture. If needed, he uses regenerative injection treatments to treat the whole Functional Spinal Unit.

Exact precision takes time, care, patience, planning, and expertise – a commitment that Dr. Patel makes to every single patient he treats. 

What Dr. Patel’s patients are saying about the treatment

Racheal Markarian, a professional dancer, had this to say about having non-surgical neck injections at The Patel Center for Functional Regeneration.  

“I had a very large slipped disc and as a dancer I was trying to avoid surgery. I’ve done a few PRP treatments with Dr. Patel over the past several months and I’ve seen such an incredible difference. I had changed my diet and seen multiple Dr and my injury wasn’t going away. Since I’ve seen Dr. Patel my mobility has gone from a 3 to a 10. I don’t have pain radiating down my legs now, its such a blessing.” 

Regenerative medicine is helping people recover from debilitating injuries without risky, costly, and unnecessary surgical procedures. 

Is this treatment right for you?

The expert team at The Patel Center for Functional Regeneration will extensively review your medical history and symptoms with you. They will discuss all the options with you to decide if this non-surgical treatment approach is the right fit for you and your lifestyle.

Find out more about alternative neck treatments 

You may not need to have surgery on your neck or spine. Talk to the experienced team at The Patel Center for Functional Regeneration about their non-surgical treatments. For more information contact Dr. Shounuck Patel’s patient concierge at