Life in Los Angeles comes with a lot of perks. One of the biggest benefits is having access to a wide range of best-in-class medical care and professionals. If you’re considering spinal surgery, there is an alternative you may want to consider first. Spinal injections in performed by a board-certified DO like Dr. Shounuck Patel can potentially enable you to avoid all of the downsides of surgery and get back to normal life faster. If you’re ready to consider a non-surgical spine treatment in Los Angeles, here are a few things you should know. 

Non-Surgical Spine Injections with Orthobiologics in Los Angeles 

First, the most important thing to remember is that spine surgery is not your only option. For a non-surgical spine treatment in Los Angeles, start with some research, and consider your options. Spine injections provide just one option. You also have other options like chiropractic care, physical therapy, and more. 

Look for a doctor who provides a combination of therapies. This way, you can find a combination of treatments that may work more effectively than spinal surgery. Before making any commitments, get some consultations, and pay attention to how the provider talks to you during those consultations. They should take time to listen to your concerns, answer your questions, and suggest potential treatments. 

What are Spine Injections with orthobiologics? 

If you’ve done any research on non-surgical spine treatment in Los Angeles, then you may already be familiar with chiropractic care and sports medicine. But what about regenerative medicine? 

Spine injections with Orthobiologics may consist of platelet-rich plasma (PRP), stem cells, or growth factors. Your injections can also contain a combination of all three. In fact, the best spine doctors can tailor your combination based on the source and type of your pain. These factors are injected into the spine to stimulate regeneration, encourage the body’s natural healing process, improve function and help remove pain. 

Another type of spine injection is called prolotherapy. These injections uses ultrasound-guided needles to induce micro-trauma, much like lifting weights causes micro-trauma to muscles. In response to the injections, the body releases growth factors, which help with healing. Prolotherapy can help the body heal its own pain naturally, including pain associated with joint damage and weak connective tissue. 

What are the Benefits of Spine Injections with orthobiologics? 

Spine injections aren’t your only option when it comes to treating back pain. Again, you have many choices for non-surgical spine treatment in Los Angeles. So, what makes spine injections a good choice? 

Avoid Side Effects 

Spine injections don’t just help you avoid surgery. They can also help you avoid unpleasant side effects from other pain management options. For example, PRP and cell therapy injections can prevent the need for steroid injections. Steroids come with all kinds of side effects ranging from irritability and insomnia to osteoporosis and decreased healing.  Orthobiologic spine injections can also help you stay off of opioid pain medication, which comes with severe side effects and carries a heavy risk of addiction. 

Address the Root Cause 

Some pain treatments only focus on the symptoms of pain, but they don’t address the root cause. When you look for a non-surgical spine treatment in Los Angeles, you’ll probably find a lot of options that focus on pain medicine and other temporary solutions. Again, these solutions come with unpleasant side effects and the potential for addiction. Plus, because these solutions are temporary, they require the sufferer to keep returning for more until a more permanent solution can be found. For too many patients, that more permanent solution is surgery. 

Although you may be able to avoid surgery, you don’t have to opt for with temporary solutions that only cover up symptoms. Orthobiologic Spine injections address the root cause of the pain, and they empower the body to heal itself. 

Furthermore, orthobiologic spine injections don’t only support the source of the pain, they also support the surrounding tissue, joints, and discs. Why is that important? Because the spine is complex. It consists of bones, discs, and nerves, which has a huge impact on nearby tissue and muscles. Likewise, those tissues and muscles have a huge impact on the spine. All of these factors work together. When they work harmoniously, they help create a flexible, pain-free experience. However, when even one of these factors gets out of line, the entire system feels the impact. The resulting pain can put limits on your life, preventing you from enjoying the things that you used to enjoy. 

Because these bones, discs, tissues, and muscles all have such an impact on each other, it’s important to deal with all of them as a unit when treating back pain. 

Customized treatment

Some providers provide customized injections instead of using the same dosages for everyone. If you’re looking for non-surgical spine treatment in Los Angeles, try to find a provider who will customize your injections. This customization can make a big difference during the treatment process. 

Customization matters because each person’s body is different. Even the smallest adjustments can make a difference in how the body responds to treatment. Once you find your perfect combination of PRP, stem cells, and growth factors, you may experience fast and extremely effective pain relief, all without the need for surgery. 

holistic Approach 

Finally, spine injections don’t have to stand alone as your only form of treatment. Injections can make up part of a multi-level treatment plan. In addition to spine injections, your provider may also offer chiropractic care, which can provide pain relief as well as aid in flexibility, Physical therapy provides another option, which can help you regain the movement that you may have lost thanks to back pain. 

With spinal surgery, other therapy options are limited. You’d have to go through an extensive healing and recovery process before you could even begin physical therapy or other pain management options. Spine injections, however, can be used alongside other forms of treatment. You can combine and customize your treatments without a long waiting period. 

Non-Surgical Spine Treatment in Los Angeles 

Spine injections and other non-surgical treatments have transformed people’s lives. They help people get rid of their pain so they can enjoy everything that life has to offer. Contact our patient concierge at or call us at (310) 929-9790.