If you’re experiencing body pains but aren’t interested in receiving surgical treatments regenerative medicine from an osteopathic doctor could be a great option for you. Dr. Shounuck Patel, DO is an award-winning author and top doctor qualified to treat various pain conditions and orthopedic injuries without performing surgery. Dr. Patel uses different functional and holistic approaches customized to fit your body’s needs. Read on for the answer to the question, “Which services does the osteopathic doctor near me offer?”

Different Types of Consultations Available 

To better understand the type of nonsurgical treatment that’s best for you, Dr. Patel’s office provides an in-depth consultation that includes: 

  • Discovery session: This is a telemedicine session that lasts approximately 20 minutes. It helps the doctor get a better grasp of the level of pain you’re facing and where the aches are located in your body. This helps him more accurately map out the best treatment strategy for you. 
  • Orthobiologic consultation: Try out this option for a more in-depth consultation that lasts around 60 to 90 minutes. The doctor will review your medical records and history, then he’ll provide a detailed explanation of any imaging procedures you may need. If necessary, he’ll also perform a diagnostic ultrasound. Once the doctor gathers this evidence and provides a diagnosis, he’ll inform you of the best treatment plan to pursue. 
  • Functional orthopedic evaluation: This is an in-person appointment that takes place over a span of 90 to 120 minutes. The doctor examines any body parts that are in pain, provides his diagnosis, and develops a treatment method for your condition using exercise, biomechanics, supplements, or nutrition. 

Custom-Tailored Treatments

Once Dr. Patel properly diagnoses your condition, he will create a treatment plan made specifically for you and your body’s capabilities. He’ll build plans that involve simple home exercise routines for you to follow. You may also receive referrals to his trusted chiropractic or physical therapy associates. They’ll work with you to develop stretches and workouts that re-build and shape your muscles to feel as good as new again. 

If better nutrition and a healthier diet are what you need, Dr. Patel is a great osteopathic doctor nearby who can grant you supplement recommendations and diet plans, or he may refer you to a top Integrative Nutrition expert to encourage a healthy lifestyle through proper diet and exercise plans. 

Functional Orthopedic Offerings 

Dr. Patel works to find the key source of your pain by reviewing not only your symptoms but any systemic imbalances within your body that could cause you to feel uncomfortable. This allows him to find the root cause of your condition and perform treatments that effectively rid your body of its pain. Using Functional Orthopedics Dr. Patel can provide you with long-lasting results. Soon enough, your body will get back to feeling healthy and fully functional again. 

Interventional Orthopedic Services

It’s understandable to feel nervous about undergoing risky surgeries or painful treatments to repair broken bones or injured muscles. Luckily, Dr. Patel uses advanced injection treatments to help restore and repair your body. These treatments are significantly less painful than more traditional treatment methods or surgeries that most doctors provide. Dr. Patel’s injection treatments involve using your own blood growth factors and cells to change the biology of certain regions of your body and heal your painful injuries. 

Continuously Conducting Research and Experiments

The colleagues and scientists on Dr. Patel’s team are regularly hard at work researching and developing new stem-cell and orthobiological treatments to safely perform on patients. Dr. Patel has been a part of an international network that publishes almost 50% of the statistics, data, and other information regarding bone marrow and stem cells to find ways to safely treat various orthopedic conditions. Dr. Patel and his team use data and research results to help build customized treatments for each unique body ache or pain presented to them. 

Osteopathic Manipulative Therapy Sessions 

To help effectively treat any aches throughout your body, Dr. Patel conducts osteopathic manipulative therapy sessions. These are similar to various physical therapy and chiropractic sessions, where he finds parts of your body that are triggered by pain. He uses hands-on therapy to relieve it of any aches or irritations. He may decide to offer you both osteopathic manipulative therapy and injection treatments, depending on the severity of your condition and your body’s specific needs. 

Treatment of Multiple Areas

Wherever your body is hurt or injured, there’s a strong chance that Dr. Patel can find a way to fix it. If your lower back and core area are experiencing any discomfort like pinched nerves, muscle spasms, abdominal muscle sprain, or tailbone pain, Dr. Patel has techniques and methods to repair them. 

He also offers treatments for the hip and pelvis area on both the inside and outside of the hips. If your knees are feeling weak or undergoing pain from a recent ACL tear, you can see Dr. Patel for customized exercise, injection treatments, or osteopathic manipulative therapy to help treat and improve your body’s overall health. 

Not only does he treat many joint and muscle pains, but he also works to fix any aches in your neck and head. This includes pinched nerves, constant intense headaches, or painful whiplash. Dr. Patel will use recommended supplements, diet plans, or any other treatments to help regenerate your body and get it feeling back to normal. He even works on your wrists, hands, ankles, and feet to reduce any numbness, fix various ligament injuries, and repair any strains. 

How Do I Receive Treatment From an Osteopathic Doctor Near Me?

Finding a great doctor nearby can be challenging. Fortunately, Dr. Shounuck Patel is located in Arcadia, part of Los Angeles County. He and his team are ready to build customized treatments to aid in your body’s healing. Dr. Patel will provide a thorough consultation and step-by-step instructions on the type of treatment plan that is right for you according to your preferences, needs, and pain severity. 

He’ll find ways to help your body heal to overcome injuries without needing to take harmful medications, undergo risky surgeries, or experience dangerous cortisone injections. If these treatment methods sound like the best options for you, be sure to contact us today or call (310) 929-9790.